Abernecessities Manager Michelle Herd and thinkers LeighAnn Rogie, Jeannie Price

Some of the think team took time out of their busy schedule last week to roll their sleeves up and pitch in practically at the HQ of locally based charity Abernecessities – all part of the PR and marketing agency’s ongoing commitment to giving something back and making a positive contribution to the community. 

Set up in March 2019, Abernecessities aims to provide essentials for struggling families with children aged from 0 – 12. Support has been immense and the response to appeals for clothing, toiletries and equipment overwhelming, so think was put to work sorting through some of the many bags of donated items. Under the direction of the regular volunteers, and with much ‘oo-ing’ and ‘ah-ing’ at some of the cute baby items, think paired shoes, sifted through clothing for much needed winter wear and sorted donations for sizing.

Touched by the heart-warming stories of children who have already benefited from the charity’s support throughout the city and shire, the team was delighted to help and some even took bags of donations home for washing – another valuable way in which people can give a helping hand.

For more information about how you can help Abernecessities, contact Danielle@abernecessities.co.uk or Michelle@abernecessities.co.uk

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