Have a healthy New Year

A new year often signifies hope, new beginnings and a fresh start for many people. 

We set new goals in the hope of achieving at least a couple of them before we grow tired and eventually give up. Why is it we start every year determined to better ourselves yet end up failing miserably halfway through? 

More often than not, our resolutions are based on our personal health and wellness. We aim to lose weight, be mindful, eat more healthily, join a gym or start an exercise routine. Statistically, our goals are likely to be abandoned within a week or two. We asked Yoga guru Charlotte Fox to share some attainable and realistic goals that can be sustained throughout 2021. 

According to Charlotte, the first step to achieving a healthy lifestyle is to remove any toxicity from your system. She explains that in doing so, it’s important to lead a conscious lifestyle, especially after the trauma we have all endured this year. Just how do we go about doing that? It means we need to take extra steps to keep that mental clarity and positive high. 

Many of us aren’t good at taking time for ourselves. We have too much going on and too many things to do. It’s often seen as a selfish act, but, in reality, it’s essential for our mind, soul and body. Find some time for yourself in 2021.There are simple yet mindful things you can do such as taking a bath, reading a chapter of your favourite book before you go to bed or even going for a breath of fresh air outside. All of these things contribute to your overall mood and therefore have an impact on your mental and physical health. 

Try to add more whole foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains into your diet. That might just mean making your own lunch or having one less ready meal each week. Gradual change can work. You don’t need to suddenly start eating nothing but tofu and fermented veg. Simply swapping to some healthier choices will get you off to a good start as you won’t feel deprived of foods you crave that might be forbidden on a stricter diet. Don’t deprive yourself to begin with, but just keep switching to healthier choices as the weeks progress. 

Engaging in physical pursuits such as yoga and meditation is also vital to increasing your body’s serotonin levels and helping you to feel good, particularly when you’re feeling a bit down or stressed out. Yoga or meditation will allow you to find calmness whilst also increasing your body’s awareness of its surroundings. You will feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders as your body and mind work in alignment rather than opposition.  

Make 2021 the year you start moving towards a healthier, happier you!

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