Is it causing you to cover up?
Does it get in the way of jewellery, clothing or daily tasks?


Typically, the National Health Service will only remove a lump or bump from the skin if it is deemed to be affecting physical or mental health. If it is considered to be a cosmetic problem, it is often suggested that you make an appointment with a private clinic to have it (or them) removed. So what do you do?

There are many types of lumps and bumps that people have on their skin, when diagnosed as cosmetic by your GP, sometimes they may cause you pain or discomfort due to their location, they often can be unsightly and can stop you wearing some types of clothing, affecting your self-confidence.

Our specialist team can provide you with options on how to deal with any lump or bump via a quick and simple examination.

It is very important that all patients have a consultation beforehand so that a clear treatment pathway can be planned and we can address any questions you have about your procedure or treatment.

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