Since Trend started seven years ago, we’ve grown a fair bit.

Our distribution has quadrupled to 20,000 copies – that’s about 60,000 people who read each issue. Now we’re celebrating another milestone with this issue. You may have noticed we’re a wee bit heavier than usual. That’s because we now have 108 pages packed with great things to do, places to visit, local food and drink, fashion, beauty, art, music, design, competitions and so much more.Of course we could claim our success is simply down to our great writing, photography and design, or the fact that the Trend Team is passionate about discovering and sharing the best of the North-east of Scotland, but we’d be kidding ourselves. The things that have made Trend into the only local essential lifestyle magazine are firstly our advertisers who have supported us from the beginning – from hairdressers to hotels, bars to boutiques, shoe shops to specialist retailers, jewellers to just about every kind of business – these are the companies who make Aberdeen City and Shire such a vibrant and prosperous place to live.

In return, we’re able to promote local artists, designers, musicians, people and community events and bring you all that’s going on locally. Trend supports the local community by offering free space for local charity events and coverage in our hugely popular society pages. We support local charities as a company at all our own Trend events and, as a business, we try to keep all our partners as local as possible.

The other thing that makes Trend so successful, dear readers is you. We’d just like to thank you all for making Trend what it is today.

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