From the moment I laid eyes on Hamish, I was smitten. It was the heady fusion of his smooth curves, his soothing colour palette, and a vintage design that harked back to simpler times.  Some might say that all vintage VW campervans are created equally, but Hamish is special. And he is not alone…

At Deeside Classic Campers there is a growing fleet of V-Dubs that have been lovingly rebuilt to an exacting standard under the direction of Claire Page, an enthusiast who started the business in 2014. At present, there are three immaculate vans available to hire – Hamish and Fergus for touring and camping and Angus, a split screen VW designed especially for champagne-sipping brides who want to make an unforgettable entrance on their big day.

For our own weekend adventure, we loaded into Hamish and headed for the hills. Slipping behind Hamish’s wheel had the calming effect of a hot bath, instantly the rush of normal life slipped away and we began taking things at Hamish pace. I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed driving more, it was almost a shame to park up for the night, but then we would never have known just how clever Hamish really is.

When it comes to mobile camping, there can be no design superior to that of a VW.  With a few simple adjustments, the same campervan that manoeuvres through traffic like a car transforms into a small apartment complete with dining table, cooker, sink, and sleeping space for four adults. And for those who like their creature comforts, Deeside campers even
have modern stereo systems and a DVD player.

If you crave a holiday that combines first-class comfort with frivolity, you really must reserve a Deeside Classic Camper. With everything from bedding to luxury hampers on offer, you really only need to turn up and take off, either for the woods or your favourite caravan park. Just be warned, a ride this enviable does not go unnoticed, so prepare to attract attention wherever you go. 

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