Choosing a new kitchen or bathroom is hugely enjoyable and rewarding, especially when you see the results.

However, navigating the process can prove a bit of a challenge for even the most enthusiastic buyer. From choosing the style which bests suits your room and your home, to selecting a layout and products which don’t crowd your space or make it feel too sparse, there are so many details to consider and decisions to be made.

To achieve a coherent space, it is worth enlisting a professional to help you make the right choices for your home, your lifestyle and, ultimately, for you. With the support of a design professional, you can create a room which merges seamlessly into your home and offers a perfect balance of style, comfort, quality and functionality.


Laings’ talented designers and experienced installation team guide their customers through every stage of their projects and the decision making process that entails. Working with Europe’s leading luxury brands, the company offers a vast range of products in every style, many on display in its award winning showroom, to design bespoke kitchens and bathrooms which are as unique as their owners.

Classic or contemporary? Handles or handle-less? These are just some of the decisions you’ll make on your design journey.

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