Rob Currie, Head of Strength and Conditioning and assistant rugby coach at Aberdeen Grammar FP advises on how to keep fit as winter draws in.

When it’s cold and miserable, it’s easy to restrict your attempts to get fit and stay fit to the gym, but it can be a pretty boring place to spend the winter. It’s even easier to get home from work, decide it’s too dark and too cold to make an effort and then have twice the job to get fit come spring. My advice for the winter nights ahead is to try and get outside to train whenever the weather permits. If you’re running at night, try and plan a well-lit route to avoid trip hazards and getting injured.

Wear bright, reflective clothes so motorists and others can see you clearly and don’t wear too many layers as you will overheat! Use your weekends to get outside. Look into Jog Scotland running groups and other clubs to motivate yourself and make your training sociable. Go for a walk in the country or along one of the many beaches in the North-east with the family or by yourself. If you cycle in the summer, then spin classes might suit you and a weekend mountain bike ride is a great way to maintain your fitness levels. It’s the perfect time to try something new. Most gyms introduce new classes each season, so try a class for core strength, cardio fitness or relaxation. Consider working with a personal trainer if motivation is a problem or you’re not sure how to achieve your fitness goals.

Whatever training you enjoy then set some goals between now and Christmas to give you some motivation and a sense of achievement. Don’t hibernate all winter!

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