TAC’s Ambulatory Care pathways allow you to experience the BEST care when you want it

Traditionally seeing a specialist would involve coming for a clinic visit, then some investigations, followed byanother clinic visit and then, if needed, an operation which might include a couple of days in hospital. Why so many steps in the process and why so much inefficiency? It all adds up to delays and increased waiting times.

TAC has always advocated an ambulatory approach to carewhich means we can offer you a quick appointment when you want to be seen with affordable care. This means we can admit, treat and discharge patients on the same day. Now there is the added advantage that this is done out with a hospital and reduces the risk of infections.

TAC can often arrange same or next-day appointments – you’ll be seen by our consultants at a time that’s convenient for you and you will be sure to receive treatment that adheres to our BEST practice promise whether this is ambulatory care or not:

    Best value
E    Effective treatment
S    Safely delivered
T    Timely – at a time that suits you

Some of the conditions that lend themselves to ambulatory care are:

Varicose Veins

Treatment for varicose veins used to involve long operations but now procedures such as Radio Frequency ablation, foam sclerotherapy & micro sclerotherapy are carried out on a walk-in walk out basis. Clinics and operating lists are undertaken both during the week but also at weekends to suit your requirements.


Heavy menstrual bleeding or post-menopausal bleeding are readily investigated at our one-stop clinic and are often treated as an outpatient meaning you can get peace of mind and treatment without lengthy waits andin the convenient setting of our Woman’s health clinic. Procedures include hysteroscopy, removal of endometrial polyps, fibroids as well as investigations for infertility, post-menopausal and abnormal bleeding all undertaken by our female gynaecologist at our Cults clinic.

General Surgery

Much of general surgery does require a hospital stay but there is a lot that doesn’t – we undertake Local Anaesthetic hernia repairs, removal of lumps and bumps, Vasectomies and ingrown toenail procedure as an outpatient. Haemorrhoids or piles a common cause for a lot of pain and worry are easily treated at ourone- stop rectal bleeding clinics, allowing you to be
seen and treated (in most cases) at the same visit. 


TAC has the N East of Scotland’s only private Endoscopy unit which solely undertakes Upper GI Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy procedures by a team who are completely dedicated to working in that field ensuring that your treatment is managed by specialist doctors and nurses. 

Radiology – Ultrasound

We offer a large range of ultrasound scans from gynaecology, musculoskeletal (MSK), abdominal, aortic, testicular and thyroid. The scans are carried out by our full-time sonographer ensuring that you don’t have to wait for your scan. Results are transferred to your GP or clinical team electronically using the most up to date reporting software. We have a team, of Radiologists for anyone requiring clinical input and a physiotherapist who can support the MSK service.

All services are supported by our laboratories for blood tests and pathology analysis, and we can offer a range of blood tests including allergy and intolerance profiles. For more information about all our services please call
0333 0143488 or email admin@theaberdeenclinic.co.uk

Tel: 0333 0143 488 

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