Most people know that HPV vaccine protects girls against cervical cancer and is offered free to all girls at school. But not many know that boys are equally at risk from contracting HPV related cancers, and that vaccinating boys can protect them too.


More than 2,000 cases of cancer in men each year in the UK are caused by HPV. In 2012, 67% of new cases of oral cancer were in men. According to Cancer Research UK, figures are significantly higher in Scotland.

Boys are not on a government programme for the vaccine.  In theory, if girls are immunised, boys will be protected. However if a young man has any form of sex with a woman over 20 odd, she is unlikely to have been vaccinated.  He is therefore at risk of contracting HPV and affiliated cancers.

Although not on the NHS, we can still protect our sons. Private GP practice YourGP in Edinburgh and Aberdeen, offer GARDASIL – the only vaccine that protects against four types of HPV and used by the NHS for girls.

Costing £160 per jag, 2 or 3 doses are required depending on age. It should be administered as early as possible (from 9) to be effective.

YourGP are well practiced at vaccinating children, keeping them, and the parents, calm and relaxed! They offer the full range of children and baby jags including Chickenpox vaccine, Meningitis B, Hepatitis B, all travel immunisations and Yellow Fever.

They also carry out a wide range of comprehensive health medicals and sexual health checks giving rapid treatment as required.

To find out more about HPV vaccination for boys, any other child vaccines or health concerns visit call 0131 225 5656 or 01224 040080 or email

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