The use of apps is increasing within every aspect of our lives, and with good reason. They add another level of personalisation to our devices and allow us to seek tailored information with one touch.

Health and fitness is just one industry in which the use of apps is popular. However, with so many options and lots of information available, it can get complicated.

In the hope of easing this confusion and helping members achieve their fitness goals this year, Banks O’ Dee Gym and Fitness Club has launched an exclusive application for its clients: Mywellness.

The data collection process begins with a one to one appointment with a specialist trainer. During the consultation, an aspiration map is used to define health goals and motivations before body fat percentages are measured, and weigh-ins logged.

From there, a bespoke workout plan is devised based on personal exercise preferences and eating habits. These initial results – which show what works and what doesn’t – form the basis of the programme, which is updated every four weeks.

Banks O’ Dee Manager Iain Watson, explains, ‘The beauty of the MyWellness is the flexibility. Members can follow their specially created plan, or free train and track each session manually using QR codes on our machines.

‘Users can also book classes through Mywellness, which can be synced to other applications, like Runkeeper and Fitbit. This means that all data can be seen and managed from one place, making those fitness aims more attainable.

‘We’ve already had such positive feedback from members – they feel engaged and want to achieve personal bests, be that upping weights, rowing longer distances, sprinting further or losing weight – which is also checked weekly.

‘All the information they log is also monitored by the trainers who can see results, which doesn’t just make users feel accountable, but means that there is always support available and programmes can be changed accordingly to suit.’

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