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Why get a pregnancy massage?

While every pregnancy is unique, a woman’s body changes as the baby grows, which can cause discomfort for a mum-to-be. As the abdomen grows and your body’s centre of gravity shifts outward, your posture changes to realign its centre of gravity over your hips. For some women, the stress on the joints and muscles results in low back, pelvic, neck, shoulder, or sciatic nerve pain. Some swelling, or odema, is also normal during pregnancy. Massage may help with the fluid build-up that tends to be more pronounced in your legs, ankles, and feet.

How is pregnancy massage different?

The most common massage technique used during pregnancy massage is effleurage, a long, gliding stroke used in Swedish massage. If you’re used to strong pressure, you’ll likely find the pressure during pregnancy massage gentle and light. Designed to relieve discomforts of pregnancy, prenatal massage is also used to boost mood, improve sleep, and enhance overall well-being.


‘Mother-to-be’ Treatment 90mins | £70
Pregnancy Full Body Massage 45mins | £50
Pregnancy Back Massage 25mins | £25

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