The Spark may be a new name, but this amazing charity has been helping people all over Scotland to improve their family and partnership relationships for fifty years, as Emma Cameron, Services Development Manager, explains…

‘Our relationship counselling service started in 1965 in church premises in Edinburgh, most recently being known as Scottish Marriage Care. However, since our services aren’t just for married couples, but also encompass working with families and step-families, teens and couples, we re-branded as The Spark in 2014. We have a centre in Aberdeen’s Huntly Street and others across the country.

‘All our counsellors are trained to university accredited standard in relationship counselling. As well as counselling for couples and individuals, we have a Relationship Helpline for those over sixteen, family counselling, a marriage preparation service and also offer support for step-families, children and young people.


‘Our counsellors are non-judgemental, helping people to improve their personal relationships. This also has a positive impact on the family, work and the wider community leading to reductions in stress, improved health, improved awareness of other people’s needs and a more stable
family life.

‘Anyone interested in training as a Relationship Counsellor should contact as we now offer an MSc Conversion programme. Alternatively, if you’re interested in shorter experiential relationship training, have a look at the range of options on our website.

‘Positive relationships are crucial to our well-being and impact on all areas of our lives.  The Spark is here to help anyone experiencing difficulties in their relationship. We provide a professional service delivered by highly trained counsellors.  Pick up the phone and call us on 0845 271 2711 for an appointment or contact The Relationship Helpline free on 0800 802 2088 for immediate support.’

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