Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate is the latest development from IOMA in eye care, offering to enhance and rejuvenate the sensitive eye area. Using their Eye Contour Diagnostic, IOMA specialists are able to provide each client with a detailed analysis of their particular eye area needs, a bespoke prescription and a tailored application technique. The cream uses a 360˚action to counteract puffiness and dark circles and create a lifting effect on the upper eyelids.

Cell Protector SPF50+ PA+++ – we are getting better as a nation at applying sun cream when the sun is in the sky, but how do we spot and deal with other dangerous factors, such as environmental stress and pollution? IOMA once again race to the rescue with their IOMA AMOI mobile app, yet another clever piece of kit which uses gelocators to determine the UV index where you are for the next 48 hours, so you know when to reapply or cover up. The IOMA product of choice for UV protection is their Cell Protector SPF50+ PA+++ , which uses a powerful combination of mineral screens and biotechnological sun filters to offer the highest possible levels of protection.

Collagen Renew
encapsulates the future of anti-wrinkle treatments – in a pill. After 10 years of research and development, IOMA have perfected a collagen pill which renews the skin’s elasticity  from the inside out.

Ma Crème
– literally named ‘My Cream’, this truly is a wonder product. IOMA have developed technology which is capable of distilling all the information contained in your particular skin and using the resulting ‘Skin Code’ to work out which of 40,257 possible recipes is just right for your very own bespoke face cream. There is a night cream, a day cream and vials of serum, all tailored specifically, not just to your skin type, but to your actual skin. And, after four weeks of use, they analyse the results and adjust the formula to keep on improving your skin health – imagine, instead of selecting a product because 27 out of 30 women in a magazine survey thought it was good; you are choosing a product that has been ‘tested’ on you!
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