Louise and Ellen at The Aesthetic Room have responded to the increasing demand for tattoo removal by introducing the first Clinical Derma Q-Switched laser in town.  Unlike some surgical, chemical and other treatments available, it is now possible to remove all shades of ink, including stubborn oranges and yellows – eradicating the signs of a misspent youth!


Louise has extensive experience of laser tattoo removal and is hugely impressed by the new machine, saying, ‘The Clinical Derma laser makes tattoo removal simple. After a free consultation, we can remove unwanted tattoos using the laser to fire a beam of light through the skin in extremely short pulses. This allows the gradual and natural bodily removal of the pigment over a series of treatments. As a guide, most Indian ink amateur tattoos should respond with between three and ten treatments. Coloured professional tattoos usually take between eight and twelve treatments. In general, our costs range from £50 to £400 per treatment per tattoo, though if more than one tattoo is being removed a discount may apply.


Treatments available at The Aesthetic Room:

Microblading, Facial line softening injections, Dermal fillers, Skin rehydration treatment, Hyperhidrosis, Dermal roller, Microdermabrasion, Skin renewal peel, Skin perfection peel, Deluxe intense hydration peel,  Priori Skincare & IPL.


Ellen added, ‘During a treatment session, which can last from five minutes to an hour, we cool the skin to minimise stinging and the minor discomfort that some clients experience. It’s important that the treated area should be protected from the sun. We recommend the use of sun block before, during and for six months after the period over which the tattoo is being removed and the use on sunbeds is prohibited.’ Both Ellen and Louise are fully qualified to offer this new form of laser tattoo removal treatment.

Louise continued, ‘Laser treatment is considered to be the safest method of tattoo removal.  The Q-Switched lasers are part of a new generation which neither burn nor cut the skin’s surface. They have been used extensively in medical practice for a number of years and The Aesthetic Room at The House is one of the few aesthetic centres in the UK to offer this treatment.’

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