When it comes to women’s health, the Aberdeen Clinic offers a fully supported Community Gynaecological and Reproductive Health service. The expert team can offer confidential investigations, testing and treatments including counselling. Whether you’re facing the menopause, want to find the right contraceptive, or need a smear or STI test, the Aberdeen Clinic offers the latest treatments coupled with a professional approach.

There are so many reversible contraceptive options available these days that it can be difficult to choose the most appropriate and effective option. At the Aberdeen Clinic, we take your circumstances and overall health into account, working with you to find the best choice from pills, skin patches, vaginal rings and injections to longer acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) like implants and coils.

Many contraceptive methods have additional health benefits, for example, combined hormonal contraception can reduce your risk of ovarian cancer by 50%, while others, like a hormone containing coil can ease heavy periods or can be used as part of hormone replacement therapy. It may be time for a new type of contraceptive especially after pregnancy or childbirth or approaching the peri-menopause.

As women transition to menopause, many experience unsettling and uncomfortable peri-menopausal symptoms, from anxiety, mood swings, and breast tenderness to erratic bleeding and frequent bladder infections. At the Aberdeen Clinic, we’re well aware that this can be a difficult time and have plenty of options to support women.

Smear testing should be done every three years for those aged 25-64 as it can detect abnormal cells early and treatment or more frequent monitoring can be offered. Half of us are overdue for testing, but you shouldn’t let worries or concerns about getting a smear put you off. We also offer an anonymised sexually transmitted infection testing service including instant tests for instant results.

For more information or to book an appointment call: 0333 0143 488 or visit: theaberdeenclinic.co.uk

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