We’ve all had days when we felt bloated, constipated or worse, and had to sidle urgently to the nearest toilet before Krakatoa is re-enacted. It’s a delicate subject, but there’s no need to suffer Irritable Bowel Syndrome, food intolerance or even food allergies, thanks to the expert team at the Aberdeen Clinic.


Ken Park, clinical director, explained, ‘Up to a fifth of us will suffer episodes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and for some, it can be very debilitating. The feeling that you don’t have control over your body can lead to social anxiety and withdrawal. We have a specialist IBS team at the Aberdeen Clinic and, since we are private, our patients benefit from our seamless approach using the latest technology and treatments and a quicker identification and resolution of the problem.

‘There’s a big crossover between organic bowel disease, food intolerance, allergies and IBS, so our first step is to take an in-depth history to identify any worrying symptoms that may indicate an underlying problem like a stomach ulcer or even cancer. This can require tests such as a colonoscopy, a breath test and blood tests. All being well, underlying problems can be excluded and patients then receive an individual care plan to identify and treat the triggers for their symptoms.  No two patients are alike, but in many treatment involves an elimination diet to pinpoint problem foods. We find 80% of patients get better when we remove potential allergens or trigger foods. 

Other patients may require psychological help to deal with stress or emotional eating as a trigger of IBS episodes. There’s absolutely no need to put up with gut discomfort or IBS. These are very real problems, which have a major impact on people’s lives and which deserve the best care’.

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