Massage therapy has been an integral part of Thai culture for the past 2,500 years. Believed to have been invented by an acquaintance of the Buddha, the healing powers of Thai massage have been celebrated since long before modern medicine. Focusing on the body’s energy lines, this alternative therapy combines acupressure with Ayurvedic principles to deliver a treatment that is as relaxing as it is restorative.

Rosemount Beauty, located on Esslemont Avenue, is Aberdeen’s newest Thai massage parlour, offering a variety of traditional treatments in a relaxed environment. The salon’s owner, May, has been practising Thai massage for nearly 30 years and dreamed of one day opening her own shop, ever since moving here from Thailand. Now, with three treatment rooms and a large manicure/pedicure area, she is sharing these ancient remedies with the granite city.

In Thai massage, the therapist works the full body, focusing on pressure points to relieve tension, improve circulation and increase energy levels. This is a deep massage, with the practitioner often standing astride the massage mat to more easily manipulate the body, or to assist with yoga-like stretches in the more traditional methods. The feet receive particular attention as well, as their wellbeing is considered a top priority in Thai culture.

Rosemount Beauty specialises in Thai traditional massage, aromatherapy oil massage, and reflexology therapy, with some sessions lasting up to two hours to ensure maximum benefit. You can also enjoy a spa manicure and pedicure, or choose from a variety of waxing treatments. 

Thai massage is a holistic art form, focusing as much on the physical body as on the parts of ourselves that we cannot see. Whether you are looking for relief from pain, or just need to restore peace and wellbeing after a hectic week, May and her team at Rosemount Beauty can show you why this traditional therapy has survived the ages.

66-68 Esslemont Avenue
Aberdeen  AB25 1SR
Tel: 01224 640300 or 07881208223

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