Earlier this year, Riverside Chiropractic Group officially became the largest natural healthcare clinic in the North-east of Scotland, with the completion of a £370,000 refurbishment and expansion.

The team of 18 comprises global specialists in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Rehabilitation, Sports Injuries, Massage Therapy, Clinical Psychology and Pain Management and has – most recently -recruited world-class Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist, Tim McCune.

Tim has worked as a PT and nutritionist for the past six years. As one of only two people in Scotland qualified in Anatomy in Motion, he is using his expertise to support the rehabilitation of clients who have acquired injuries or would like to improve their fitness, strength, endurance or lose weight.

‘My role is to bridge the gap between getting an injury and regaining or embarking upon an active lifestyle. This involves getting patients slowly moving again, devising a nutrition plan and looking at the everyday factors that encompass health.

‘I’m passionate about educating patients about managing stress, reducing the health implications of technology and the best way to get a good night’s sleep. Each of these factors has a huge impact on wellbeing and they need to align in order to see the best results in rehabilitation, fat loss, and performance.

‘Working within such a large team also means that if I feel a patient would be better suited to one of my colleagues, then I refer them the directly to the best specialist for their needs. That’s what really makes us different.’

Tim offers both one-to-one and small group private training sessions for all ages and fitness levels, working with each individual to achieve their personal health goals; no pressure, no judgment.

If you’d like to make some positive lifestyle changes, here are some of Tim’s tips:

  • Drink up! You should drink 30 – 40ml of water each day for every kg of body weight
  • Include a quality probiotic and omega 3 in your daily diet
  • Eat as much locally sourced, seasonal produce as possible
  • Ease your technology usage before bed and wake up at the same time each day.


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