Cycling is a great way for the whole family to get out into the open air. There are some wonderful cycling paths in the city; try the beach front or take the old railway path that runs from Duthie Park all the way to Cults under shady trees.

If you haven’t cycled for years, head to any of the city’s bike shops, where you’ll find friendly, expert advice to help you choose the bike that suits the type of cycling you want to do and works best for your body and budget. Decide what type of terrain you want to cover, whether it’s off-road on the forest tracks, or something for pottering down to the local shops. Whatever your needs, leave some money in the budget for a good helmet and visibility aids, so other road users can see you.

It’s also worth checking if your employer offers a cycle to work scheme. Many of these offer considerable discounts on bikes, so if you’re looking for a commuting bike, it’s a great option.

If you’re likely to abandon your fitness campaign after a couple of rides, then consider renting a bike of buying something second hand until you’re ready to splash out. Gumtree is also a great source of bargain road racing and mountain bikes when you’re ready for something more specialised. Or try Thainstone on Sundays for kids’ bikes that have been outgrown.

If you’re keen to ride longer distances, want to race or just have a strange compulsion to wear neon Lycra from head to toe (we’re not judging), then join a local cycle club, who have organised rides and events throughout the year. There are around a dozen in Aberdeen city and shire, from Elgin to Stonehaven. You’ll find them all very friendly and welcoming.

Try for details of your nearest club.

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