Each week, David Lloyd Aberdeen offers over 30 hours of holistic exercise such as yoga, pilates and Body Balance in the specifically designed Mind and Body Studio. It’s the perfect way to improve flexibility and core strength, easing back into fitness and reducing stress levels.

Yoga is an ancient form of meditation engaging the body and the mind. At David Lloyd Aberdeen, we offer Hatha yoga, which focuses on physical poses and breathing technique. Many of our members use yoga as a means to mental and physical wellness.

The physical and mental conditioning exercises in pilates were originally developed to help tone and strengthen recovering soldiers. Pilates builds core strength and flexibility. It is indirectly tied to yoga and martial arts.

You can join a class in yoga or pilates even if you haven’t exercised in years. The mental focus and controlled breathing required to perform yoga and pilates helps reduce stress, regulate sleep and improve mood. Holistic exercises may help reduce symptoms or side effects such as fatigue, depression and chronic pain. In one German study, subjects reported considerable improvements in perceived stress, depression, anxiety, energy, fatigue, and well-being.

Karina, one of our instructors undertakes an annual pilgrimage to study yoga in India. She explained, ‘Yoga is so much more than a stretch or exercise. For me, it is a saviour, a coping mechanism, an old dear friend that will always be there for me. The great thing is that almost anyone can enjoy the health benefits of yoga and pilates. So regardless of your age, fitness level or flexibility, let David Lloyd introduce you to this wonderful way to exercise for complete health and well-being’.

Call us now on 01224 811050 to book a tour to see our club and get started with your membership. davidlloyd.co.uk

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