As we enter 2019 why not think about investing a little time in yourself!

The Aberdeen Clinic offers affordable treatments for a number of procedures that can be undertaken on an out patient basis. As you enter 2019
why not come along for a chat about your healthcare needs with one of our nurses.

As with all the procedures, treatments and appointments at the Clinic you will receive our BEST practice promise:

B – Best value

E – Effective care

S – Safe treatment

T- Treatment that you want when you want it

When we say there are no waiting times we mean it.

Some of our procedures:

Varicose Veins

Between 1 in 3 to 1 in 4 adults in the UK have varicose veins. They are more common with certain conditions and almost half of all pregnant women will develop varicose veins.

For many people the appearance of varicose veins or spider veins prevent them wearing shorts or swimming costumes, alternatively they may cause discomfort which is troubling. Our aim is to provide the best care to all of our patients with venous problems.

The multi-disciplinary team at the Aberdeen Clinic is expert at helping patients select the optimal treatment for their varicose veins.

Mini facelift 

Mini facelift surgery is one of the most common types of facelift surgery. It focuses on the wrinkles and sagging skin on the lower third of the face using small incisions placed around the ears; definition to the chin is restored by removing excess skin and tightening remaining tissue.

Mini facelift surgery can provide some physical and emotional benefits;


•  Minimal scarring – incisions are concealed in your natural face contours and hairline

•  Minimal side effects – less swelling and bruising than a more extensive facelift

•  Conservative treatment – addresses the issues of the lower face area and neck

•  No general anaesthetic – can be done using a local anaesthetic mitigating the risks associated with a GA and you will be able to go home immediately after the procedure

Cosmetic eyelid surgery

(Blepharoplasty) address issues such as excess eyelid skin and tired looking eyes giving you a fresher appearance.

With all treatments a Consultation is required to manage your expectations and provide you with detailed information about your procedure.

Minor Surgery

We can offer a range of minor surgical procedures from removal of lumps, moles and skin tags to vasectomy, lipoma and Hernia repair.

Patients can benefit from walk-in-walk-out treatments delivered by a specialist consultant at the Aberdeen Clinic.

In January we will be offering a number of health assessments specifically targeting the health of your heart. Call us to book an appointment or simply turn up to our Cults Clinic.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2019.



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