If you’re looking for an effective way to get fit, try kettlebells. Ray Wilson, owner of Kettlebells Aberdeen Gym and a certified IKFF trainer, explains, ‘Working with kettlebells encourages the body to feel great, while building on fitness, endurance, power and core strength. The kettlebells come in a range of weights and are designed to build your work capacity. Just using one 16kg kettlebell in a one hour class and you could have swung, snatched, pressed, squatted, lunged, rowed and pulled a total of 12 tonnes!

‘Our new gym is just off George Street and we offer beginners’ workshops and structured classes so that progression, whether technical ability or fitness, is achieved. Basics are continually reviewed and challenged, while advanced methods are encouraged and supported. Open gym and one to one training sessions are available and we also offer Bootcamp Fitness high intensity interval training sessions. Each cycle lasts four weeks with three 45 minute classes a week. We use bodyweight exercises and challenging resistance equipment to burn off a ton of calories and get fitter, faster.

‘Kettlebells Aberdeen is a very relaxed, friendly and supportive place. We have members ranging from teenagers to those who have their bus passes! There’s always someone to offer encouragement to keep lifting for that final 60 seconds and everyone respects that people work at different paces. There’s always time for a chat and a coffee afterwards.

‘You can even compete in Kettlebell Sport. The competitive element to kettlebell lifting can really bring a focus to one’s training, fitness and health. It is exciting training hard for an event, and then having to perform at your very best on a given day in order to secure a medal!’

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