Is your hair looking a bit frazzled, lifeless and in desperate need of some tender loving care? We all know there are few things that feel better than when you’ve just had your hair done. It looks glossy, feels smooth
and smells like heaven.

There are two ways to get the same results without a trip to the salon every Couple of days. One is to live with your stylist. If that would be awkward, These home treatments will be your hair’s new best friends this spring…

Briogio’s Scalp Revival Soothing Travel Kit

Now that the sun’s eventually coming out from hibernation, we’re all thinking about lying on a white sand beach somewhere warm, sipping a strawberry daiquiri and rejoicing that we’ve finally found a swimsuit that doesn’t merely flatter, but tells enormous fibs. That said, your dream holiday can be a nightmare for your hair, so it makes sense to prepare in advance and pack the right products for your trip. Briogio’s Scalp Revival Soothing Travel Kit (£22, is like a facial for your hair. Shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment, all packed with ingredients designed to nurture and repair dried out and dehydrated strands are tucked inside this paradise hair kit. Pack it in your case and your hair will look like it’s been on holiday too!

Silke London’s Hair Wrap

Tired of waking up with hair that looks like it’s been dragged through a bush? Try Silke London’s Hair Wrap (£50, This lovely head silk is said to boost hair growth naturally and prevent split ends. It’s the perfect buy to keep your hair looking like you’ve just left the salon chair.

Briogeo Stimulating Therapy Massager

If you love the serene scalp massage that submerges you into a state of relaxation whilst you get your hair washed, try the Briogeo Stimulating Therapy Massager (£12.99, This blissful little massager fits in the palm of your hand while the knobbly bits support healthy scalp by stimulating blood circulation to increase hair growth.

Kevin Murphy’s Angel Wash Shampoo

Just gone platinum blonde? I’m sure your ends are hating you for it, but your mirror is in love. Kevin Murphy’s Angel Wash Shampoo (£22, is a great for hair that’s suffering stress from harsh chemical treatments. You’ll get your fried ends smoothed out and the fruity nutrients fused into the formula will make life easier for you until your next trip to the salon. You’ll not only look good, but be helping the planet as the new style packaging upcycles ocean waste.

Larry King’s Velvet Texture Clay

Larry King’s Velvet Texture Clay makes styling at home simple. You don’t even need to start on a clean base, as this amazing hair clay provides volume for days. The light, non-glossy texture leaves you with that salon bounce. You’ll get pretty hair and, if you tear up the cardboard packaging and plant it, you might even get some wild flowers, since seeds are specially
embedded in the pack. (£22,

Treat yourself to a home hair hero today!

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