Albyn Hospital, where your weight loss journey begins

Surgical and non-surgical weight loss solutions are available with a variety of patient centred pathways exclusively tailored to meet the individual needs of each person.

Our experienced specialist weight loss surgeons will guide you through all the appropriate options and available packages during your consultation appointments. We offer extensive weight loss packages to suit all, from those who are moderately overweight to those with extreme problems and associated health issues.

We understand the magnitude of the decision to embark on weight loss management and patients can be assured of a full multidisciplinary team approach working in partnership with the professionals before, during and after your weight loss intervention.

An experienced dietician will advise on eating plans, ensuring your nutritional balance is maintained. A certified physiologist will be on hand to support and offer a positive and motivated mindset as well as a dedicated theatre, nursing and physiotherapy team offering skilled care during your hospital admission and appointments.

Safety, health and wellbeing are Albyn’s main priority, where making these positive lifestyle changes will have a major impact on your current or potential health conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

Consultant Weight Loss Surgeon, Professor Duff Bruce, explains,

‘We know that getting yourself back to a healthier weight once you have become overweight is an extremely difficult challenge. Weight gain is directly affected by our genes, our daily lifestyle and the challenges that life throws at us. These affect how hungry we feel and how challenging it may be to lose weight and keep it off. When people try to lose weight, the body’s metabolism, brain signals and gut hormones change to make you hungry and more aware of food.

‘Most of our patients have tried typical weight loss options such as diet, exercise and psychological programmes with reasonable short-term success, but we recognize that a considerable proportion will regain weight and need additional help. That is why the Bariatric team at Albyn offer a range of weight loss procedures and surgery.’

Mr. Shay Nanthakumaran, fellow Consultant Weight Loss Surgeon, added,

‘We listen to your story, understand the problems you are having with your weight and we work towards finding the best solution for you. All of our team are highly qualified and registered with professional bodies, including Royal College of Surgeons, the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society, the International Federation of Surgical Obesity, the Royal College of Nurses, The British Dietetic Society and British Psychological Society.

‘We are a well-established provider of weight loss surgery and ensure that our patients receive treatments that reflect the most up to date professional guidance. Albyn offers an exceptional quality of care, as the largest private facility in the North of Scotland. It is equipped with state of the art theatre facilities and a highly experienced theatre team.’

Professor Bruce continues,

‘All our treatments include careful assessment and preparation for the changes associated with your treatment. After you’ve had your procedure, we will be there to support and guide you to ensure you have a safe and speedy recovery and a great long-term outcome.’

For further information or to arrange a consultation, please contact Liz Bruce on 01224 937992 or

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