Dr. Naomi Smith’s clinic is quite a long way away from Beverley Hills, but perhaps that is one of the attractions.

Operating out of a chic premises just past the east end of Banchory’s High Street, the part-time GP and clinical specialist off ers a private clinic in a discreet location, enabling clients to seek advice and treatment on anything from minor skin blemishes to migraines.

Dermaqure’s off ering neatly fi lls a gap in the market, between non-essential treatments that our overstretched NHS are no longer able to off er and the more extreme ‘Hollywood’ look that we have become familiar with in the media. As Naomi says, ‘Botox has been used for more than 20 years by GPs for neurological and skin complaints – it is an extremely safe aesthetic treatment and has numerous applications’. A relatively recent discovery has been the use of botox to treat migraines.

Naomi’s background and current practice as a local GP serve to underline her commitment and enthusiasm for her specialism. As a GP who was qualifi ed to undertake minor surgery, her experience with skin blemishes is proven, as is her understanding of how a client’s confi dence can be aff ected by such ailments.

‘Clients appreciate coming somewhere small and private, they get one-to-one attention and the utmost discretion’, adds Naomi. Prices at Dermaqure start around £40 but vary depending on the treatment required, some discounts are available if multiple appointments are required. The initial consultation is free of charge and entirely non-obligatory.

Dermaqure’s treatments include dermal fi llers, which are made using synthetic hyaluronic acid, a substance similar to that found in the joints of the human body. Naomi explains, ’These fi llers don’t have the side eff ects that older collagen treatments had which sometimes had a reputation for causing allergic reactions.’

Appointments are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays plus evenings by arrangement.


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