With over 70% of brides embarking on a weight loss regime ahead of their big day, fitness boot camps and personal trainers are doing a roaring trade with body conscious brides. But with so much focus on looking good, it can be easy to forget to work on feeling good too.

Weddings can be stressful affairs and enough to cause a bridal headache. So whilst you’re working up a sweat to get your body in tip top shape, take some time to get your mind ready too, so you’ll be beautiful inside and out when you walk down the aisle.

Do the Downward Dog
Even if you can’t touch your toes, try some yoga. Yoga has a multitude of emotional healing attributes, including relieving stress and encouraging mindfulness and calm.

Have a Massage
There are multiple physical benefits from having a massage including relieving muscular tension, but most importantly they can help reduce anxiety and help perk up your spirits when feeling low.

Shrink the Stress 
The fat busting Shrinking Violet Body Wrap allows you to lie back and unwind, all while helping to remove pesky pounds. And with many treatments coming with a facial, you’ll also leave with a healthy glow.

Take a Time Out
Stop, sit, and enjoy a peaceful few hours of doing nothing. Forget about all the tasks that need done, just relax and enjoy the moment, preferably with a glass of wine, and revel in the excitement that you’re getting married soon.

Expect the Unexpected
Expect there will be stressful moments and that things will crop up. By expecting it you’ll be better prepared and equipped to deal with it.

Get Perspective
If the stress levels are mounting, go on a date night with your beloved and get some perspective on why you’re organising the wedding in the first place.

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