No matter how determined we are to improve our fitness, the greatest challenge always seems to be finding an exercise routine that is simultaneously challenging and enjoyable. This year I decided to try something new – Bootcamp fitness.

As its name suggests, Bootcamp fitness is designed to push its participants to their limits using a combination of strength and interval training. Sessions are aimed at groups and, to add to the realism, are often held outside in public places.

For my own induction to this military movement, I enlisted with Stix Body Blitz run by Terri Forbes and located within private grounds on the Keithhall Estate in Inverurie. Bounded by an impossibly tall brick wall and even taller trees beyond that, there can be no better, or more private, setting for such an activity. When the weather is fine, classes are run on the expansive lawn but there is also a fully kitted-out studio that ensures no one can use bad weather as an excuse.

Sixty minutes flew past while myself and 20 fellow recruits were put through our paces in a rapidly changing endurance test that included squats, lunges, planks, punches, crunches, jumps, sprints and more press-ups than I have done in the past decade.  And though my limbs were decidedly wobbly by the end, I refused to give up because the group resolve does not allow it. Like the military, the success of the individual is intrinsically linked to the success of the group and that is the power of Bootcamp.

To say I could feel the pain the next day is an understatement but it must be good pain because I have already been back – twice. Once you have mastered Bootcamp, Stix also offers Boxercise and TRX Suspension Training classes. Terri, an avid obstacle racer, has even built her own assault course where she readies competitors for gruelling events like the Spartan Race. I think I will need a few more visits before I’m ready to try that.

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