It’s your big day, and whether you’re the mother of the bride or groom, a bridesmaid, or one of the happy couple, you want to look your best.


Hairdressers; fine. Make up; not a problem, plenty of approachable professionals. But what happens when you want a little bit more?

For many, the thought of setting foot in an aesthetics clinic is confusing and bewildering.  Do you have to have injections to get rid of that line? No, not necessarily, there are now several non-invasive alternatives. And those thread veins suddenly seem to have become far more noticeable. Or you’ve just discovered you’re 20 years older than the mother of the bride.  Whatever the reason, many more women are wanting a little more assistance than some foundation and blusher, so here’s our top tips on approaching the situation.

1 |  Go to a registered professional; this is a nurse, a doctor or a dentist. Check them out – are they accredited, for example with Save Face, and have they won any awards for customer service?

2 |  Plan ahead. Many of the newer, non-invasive treatments such as Ultherapy and Exilis take three to four months to have their full effect, so make time to go as early as possible and develop a plan with your practitioner.

3 |  Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The vast majority of professional clinics offer free consultations, and you should not feel pressured into having a treatment.

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