Over the past four years since opening at The House, the Aesthetic Room has gained an outstanding reputation for bringing the latest proven aesthetic treatments to Aberdeen. Experienced Aesthetic Nurse and Independent Prescriber, Louise Mackintosh is known for her safe, subtle and effective treatments and constant research into new technology.

Louise offers a wide range of treatments including dermal fillers and wrinkle reducing injectables, for smoothing out lines, skin resurfacing and semi-permanent makeup as well as innovative treatments like Coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting is one of the newest treatments available at the House. Louise has Coolsculpting for 18 months, performing over seventy successful treatments which use a cryogenic treatment to freeze and kill fat cells in stubborn areas. Accredited medical studies from Harvard University show that Coolsculpting can kill off  a third of the fat cells in the treatment area, while leaving other types of cells unharmed.
Most people don’t experience discomfort and many of Louise’s clients have been so impressed with their newly slimmer results that they’ve returned for treatment on additional areas of unwanted fat. Results develop slowly over three months as the treated fat cells are flushed out of the body.

Louise explained, ‘We off er a free, no-obligation consultation to those interested in Coolsculpting. People are welcome to get a better understanding of how Coolsculpting works and what it can do for them. We have our own before and after treatment portfolio of photos and the Coolsculpting website is very helpful with videos of the procedure, so people can find out more.

‘The treatment takes just a few hours. Most people fi nd it pain free, but there may be some discomfort in larger areas or for bigger treatment areas. Patients can drive home and resume their normal activities immediately.’

The Aesthetic Room @ The House Spa 34 Great Western Road, Aberdeen, AB10 6PY Tel: 01224 586699  www.aestheticroom.co.uk www.coolsculpting.co.uk


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