Innocent Aesthetics are proud to announce that we are now Healthcare Improvement Scotland registered, by following strict criteria set out by new rules and regulations for performing injectable facial and body rejuvenation.

Two of our main treatments focus not only on body reshaping and contouring, but also focuses on improving clients confidence and self-esteem, especially when dealing with sexual confidence.

BTL Non-Invasive Labial Remodelling – SHHHH it’s personal!
For the past 12 months we have helped many ladies regain their sexual confidence using Protégé Intima. It is the first Radiofrequency labia remodelling system on the market. Protégé Intima delivers measurable clinical outcomes with superior level of comfort and safety. It works by disrupting aged collagen fibres and evokes fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibres. It is a solution for unpleasing aesthetic appearance, hygiene issues, chronic irritation, painful intercourse and labia laxity or deflation.

BTL The Wave Of Change – Say goodbye to cellulite!
X-Wave uses the powerful energy of Acoustic Waves therapy which has been scientifically proven for over 30 years. It directly treats cellulite, skin elasticity as well as dermal filling and the reduction of dimpled skin appearance inducing vibration within the body, the pulses firm and tighten the connective tissue. The after effect is increased blood supply to the area, effective waste elimination and collagen remodelling. Areas treated can be the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Free private consultations available. 01224 325354 –
481 Great Western Road, Aberdeen

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