The devastating Australian bushfires have added to the growing awareness of the impact of climate change. Increasingly, people are making changes, big and small, to help tackle the crisis. 

According to Papillon, a garden design & landscaping firm in Aberdeen, there are lots of changes we can make to our gardens to help the environment. Here’s Papillon’s top three tips: 

1. Welcome more native plants into your borders. Natives thrive in the Scottish climate and therefore require less chemicals and additives. Because they establish well, they produce an abundance of food and shelter for the visiting wildlife. Examples include heather, bluebells and rowan.

2. A pristine lawn, while attractive, comes at a price, requiring regular maintenance and often chemicals. Allow nature to recover part of the lawn, or all of it, in the form of a flowering meadow. This will provide colour and a perfect ‘beastie’ habitat and less mowing! 

3. Compost your food and plant waste. This will provide nutritious food for your garden, whilst reducing waste and is an eco-friendly alternative to chemicals.

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