August and September offer up some amazing seasonal produce, so make the most of it. Most salad ingredients are at their best now, whether raw, griddled or grated. Try combining leaves with berries, nuts, cheeses or smoked fish for
a flavoursome light meal.

Try something new – harvest elderflowers and make a syrup for summer fruits or add a little to a chilled sparkling wine or gin and tonic. Forage in the woods for wild mushrooms. Chanterelles are easy to identify and delicious fried in farmhouse butter.

Preserve the flavours of summer by making your own jams, relishes, pickles and chutneys. It’s simple and very rewarding – especially since you can sterilise jars in the dishwasher. Let the soul of the season inspire you to try new combinations and make the most of fresh ingredients for a healthier alternative.

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