If you’ve munched your way through the bread basket at some of the North-east’s best regarded hotels and restaurants, or popped into the bakery and café on Rosemount Viaduct, you’ll already know that The Breadmaker makes some of the best bread you’ll ever taste, as well as delicious snacks and patisserie. Go behind the scenes and you’ll discover there’s a lot more to the business…

The Breadmaker’s story starts many years ago with Doctor Denis Durno, who became convinced of the benefits of an inclusive and supported work environment for adults with  learning disabilities through his work with similar organisations. He was keen to create a business where adults with a learning disability could participate in the every aspect of the work, helping to break down barriers and change attitudes.

Since opening in 2006, The Breadmaker has gone from strength to strength. The apprentices are at the heart of everything the bakery does. Over fifty apprentices
have been engaged with the scheme so far, working alongside staff and a dedicated band of volunteers.

It’s real work in a real work environment, with many of the current apprentices working towards SVQ qualifications in employability skills, attending courses at college and placements with other employers. Importantly, the apprentices develop a varied social life, with recreational and fitness activities, giving the opportunity to participate in city life more fully.

The Breadmaker have diversified into supplying high quality buffets to corporate clients as well as wholesale bread and confectionery to many top hotels and restaurants.

It’s an enormously valuable service for adults with a learning disability as so much of who we are is defined by what we do. Apprentices gain real skills, self-esteem, social inclusion, new friends and an enormous sense of achievement from being part of
a thriving business. All that, and they make the best bread in the city.

50 – 52 Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen AB25 1NT   Tel: 01224 641250
admin@thebreadmaker.org.uk   www.thebreadmaker.org.uk

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