As the nights get longer, we’re all looking for meals that combine maximum flavour with minimum effort. Try cheaper cuts of meat le whole and popped into the slow cooker in the morning. Beef, lamb, pork, game and chicken all combine well with larger chunks of vegetables and herbs to make a deliciously easy dinner. Focus on root vegetables and bold spice mixes to create warming aromas. Add a splash of le over wine, port or sherry to the stock and let the magic happen.

Finishing twists can make for a special dish. Add infused oils or last minute garnishes like crispy kale, or fried herbs such as parsley, or crumble some black pudding into a pot of stovies and serve with oatcakes. Try reducing some fresh tomatoes with sugar and seasoning then sieve to make your own homemade tomato ketchup! For a twist – add some vodka! It’s fun and delicious, but for adults only!

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