With Craig Wilson, the Kilted Chef at Eat on the Green

Why not embrace the current trend for tapas-style sharing plates and surprise your Valentine with their favourite nibbles in the style of a carpet picnic?

This is a great way to spend some quality time without the stress of extensive cooking.

How about parma ham wrapped asparagus spears, oysters, passionfruit halves, sunblush tomatoes and mini mozzarella followed by chocolate dipped strawberries?

Remember your picnic should look, smell and taste good.

How about a chocolate fondue with tropical fruits to share followed by a favourite cocktail to give the evening a special feel.

Posh up favourites like cheese on toast, a mini prawn cocktail in a shot glass or even include memories of your first meal together but try and keep it simple.

Avoid garlic, beans, ultra-spicy food and spaghetti (unless you’re re-enacting Lady & the Tramp!)

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