Eat on the Green’s Craig Wilson offers up a feast of tasty ideas for spring

Lighten up for spring

Spring is always an exciting time of the year to experiment with new foods and flavour combinations to brighten up even the dreichest day. We tend to crave lighter choices, anticipating the first spring greens and the peppery salad leaves as well as taking advantage of langoustines, cod, lobster, monkfish and mussels all being in their prime. Look out for seasonal roe deer, purple broccoli, beetroot, chicory, celeriac and cabbages. Make a simple shredded spring slaw by grating leftover veg in any combination to go with meat, fish or game.

Cut back on meat, with a more flexitarian approach, using meat or fish in soups or to highlight a salad, rather than as the foundation of a heavy meal. Keep it fresh, local and sustainable for the ultimate feel good factor.

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