There were two main catwalk trends worth adopting for this season’s winter hair.

The first, seen at Alexander McQueen and Valentino, involves a slicked back style, often in braids or a ponytail. It’s minimalist, chic and can work well if you have naturally straight hair, great cheekbones and a strong make up look. It’s more of a formal look than something you’d do for off-duty weekends and is product intensive. It only works if you literally don’t have a hair out of place. It’s very much an updated Eighties vibe, referencing Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love backing band and swim-suited Glamazon supermodels.

If your hair is naturally curly, longer or just has a mind of its own, then take your cues from Coach, Isabel Marant and Loewe, all of whom opted for a natural, tumbled out of bed look, with volume and wild waves. Balmain and Dior opted for a more high-maintenance version with smooth waves and blow-outs. Again, this major trend looks to the past, this time referencing a boho early seventies vibe with a slightly nineties grungy edge.

Gucci provided a third, rather more extreme option, sending their models down the catwalk in knitted balaclavas. It’s not an easy look to pull off. Not only will you have severe helmet hair, but you’ll probably be arrested if you happen to pop into your bank.

Colour is slightly more subdued this season, with an emphasis on warmth and enhanced natural shades, rather than sun-streaked blondes. Ombre and low lights remain popular, and both Chanel and D&G added interest with eye-catching hair ornaments finishing messy updos.

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