Until recently, I had become rather blasé about my ability to get through most days without falling over. Balance was a personal phenomenon that I just never gave much thought to – and then I tried Floatfit.

Billed as high-intensity interval training, Floatfit is a fusion of yoga and low-impact aerobics, requiring its participants to perform moves like burpees, lunges and crunches, all while bobbing somewhat precariously on the surface of a pool atop a giant floating fitness mat called the Aquabase. Sound familiar? Almost certainly not!

Sport Aberdeen has just introduced this revolutionary new fitness regimen to the city and I had the pleasure, and resulting pain, of experiencing a pre-launch Floatfit class for myself. If, like me, you are curious about the appropriate attire for such a class, let me set the record straight. Unless you can walk on water, you will be jumping in to the pool to reach your tethered mat and, unless you have the equilibrium of a Tai Chi Master, you will fall off that mat several times in the thirty minutes that follow. So dress for wetness.


Feeling rather smug after managing to stand up on my mat, I quickly realised that greater things were going to be asked of us by our instructor, who stayed decidedly dry on poolside. As I feared, it was not long before the burpee reared its ugly head. Squatting and thrusting is a challenge on stationary ground, but try it while battling the waves created as the guy next to you enters the drink, and you will soon be clawing your way back onto your board along with everyone else.

Floatfit is a bit like patting your head while rubbing your tummy – it combines two things that neither your brain nor your body agrees should happen simultaneously, but once you get the hang of it, you cannot wait to put your new skill to good use. And whether from the exercises themselves or from the constant struggle to re-mount the board, this is one exercise class that you will feel the benefits of for days afterwards. www.sportaberdeen.co.uk

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