One in three of us have varicose veins and many will be all too familiar with the problems of swollen, tired and heavy legs. For others it is the appearance of the varicose veins, preventing them wearing shorts or skirts that is the most immediate problem. In an unfortunate few, skin changes and even chronic ulceration may develop.

Stuart Suttie, consultant at the Aberdeen Clinic says, ‘Varicose veins are amongst the most common reasons for patients come to see me as a vascular surgeon, but it is seldom that I need to use an operation to treat them, we are able to treat large veins with radio frequency ablation techniques and smaller veins with ultrasound guided injection of foam. These techniques have revolutionised the recovery from varicose vein treatment’.


The Aberdeen Clinic is now also able to offer the tissue glue occlusion technique to treat veins after the recruitment of Mr. Siddique, one of Scotland’s most experienced vein surgeons. The multi-disciplinary team at the Aberdeen Clinic has the expertise to help patients select the optimal treatment for their varicose veins. Patients can benefit from a ‘walk-in walk-out’ treatment delivered by a specialist consultant at the Aberdeen Clinic. Varicose vein problems can be a thing of the past after undergoing a simple out-patient procedure.

All the unsightly veins have gone and I no longer feel self-conscious wearing shorts, I was back running after a week…

Patient experiences like above are now common after modern minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins but were unheard of just a few years ago when treatment was limited to surgery and support stockings.

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