Revolución de Cuba

I must confess that brunch is my favourite meal, so when I heard about Revolución de Cuba’s brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, I was intrigued.

Revolución de Cuba sits just off Belmont Street in the Academy Centre Courtyard, although once you step through the door, the atmosphere is pure Havana.  From the playful menus and bright tableware to the full-length rum and cocktail bar, this is a restaurant born of Latin sunshine.

We enjoyed brunch on a sunny Sunday morning and from the moment we were greeted with Mimosas and a bruschetta platter, I knew this was going to become a regular outing. The set-price brunch menu includes Mimosas, bruschetta, a main course and three drinks. The bruschetta was garlicky and delicious and perfectly accented by the fresh spinach and pickled onions in the centre.  For a main, I selected avocado toast, which featured homemade guacamole and mango salsa sitting atop an expertly toasted chunk of artisan sourdough bread. My daughter opted for the Baked Beet Tortillas, an incredibly flavourful vegan-friendly option filled with beetroot falafel and spicy black beans.  And because every meal should end with a sweet treat, we shared a plate of warm churros with a rum caramel dipping sauce. Of course, what really sets this brunch apart is the extensive list of cocktails to choose from – we indulged in a minty Mojito and an icy Strawberry Daiquiri, and I have my eye on a few others to try next time.

Whatever the weather outside, brighten up your weekend with a bit of Havana sunshine at Revolución de Cuba.

Academy Centre Courtyard
Belmont Street
Aberdeen AB10 1LB

words by Courtney O’Grady

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