The Covid19 Pandemic may have changed the way health will be managed in UK for ever. Patients, employers &and employees, and healthcare facilities all have different concerns at present, and a surge in future demand for all else but Covid screening and treatments is predicted.

The health team @ROC is here to support you in any concerns you may have. Indeed, our further development to commence 1st July shall look at catering for your future diagnostic and secondary treatment health needs.

Considering Covid 19 Testing?

From regulations to recommendations, news on COVID-19 testing comes at a constant rate. More so, with a variety of tests available across UK, what should you make out of it?

Our medical team keeps itself abreast of all developments. Contact us for our latest information brochures.

Can I see a doctor for a non-Covid 19 health concern?

ROC Clinic provides consultations in line with government recommendations. Face to face consultations, tests and scans are available, in most cases on the same day.

How Safe is to attend ROC Clinic

All our staff are part of a weekly Covid 19 screening process, and we put all our effort in ensuring our clinic stays a Covid19 free environment.
•   PPE is in place for all
•   We have enhanced screening protocols for anyone attending the clinic being a patient or a courier.
•   We have enhanced clinical cleaning protocols

Covid19 @ROC Dedicated Contact & Enquiry Line
Tel: 02037 946929

General Appointments & Enquiry Line.
We provide consultations in line with government recommendations.
Tel: 01224 515254

Westhill Business Park, Peregrine Road, Westhill AB32 6JL

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