If you’re looking to change the way you look, feel and your fitness level, then The Gym on Huntly Street is the place to go. It’s like a department store for top to toe transformation, combining fitness classes, personal training, individual nutritional consultations, make-up and beauty services and even counselling. In fact everything you need to become the you you’ve always wanted to be!

The Gym is about individual attention, with small group exercise classes including Pilates, so it’s a great place if you find exercise scary and need a welcoming and supportive environment with professional expertise on hand. Fitness classes run from Monday to Thursday with Friday and Saturday given over to weekend hair, make-up and drinks to get you ready for any day or night out.

The three week Body Transformation Programme will kick-start your New Year Resolutions, with your bespoke exercise and nutritional plan. You can also book a session with The Gym’s qualified counsellor. It’s a unique combination designed to make you feel your best, inside and out – more energised, healthier, happier and looking fabulous!

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