Producing a garden that inspires and excites takes a team of experts, working to a comprehensive plan, time and dedication. It is the attention to detail and intricate design that brings a garden to life, creating a space to be lived in and loved by its owners.

APL member, Papillon, which specialises in Garden Design and Landscaping, aims to ‘wow’ its clients by creating extraordinary designs that are practical and extend from the design of the house and blend into the surrounding environment.

Papillon’s team of specialists beaver away in the background, as each project is carefully brought to life by the construction team. The garden design is, however, the crucial thread that holds each project together. It’s at the design stage that all phases of the garden must be thought through, from the lifestyle of the owner and the aspect of the space, to the construction process, the environment and options for materials. Soft landscaping, plant design, furniture and ornaments should also be planned carefully to create the perfect outdoor space.

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