With its rich history, stunning architecture and stylish residents, the Estonian capital of Tallinn has a lot to offer those looking for a charming weekend getaway.

Tallinn’s medieval old town is an endless source of delight. Walk through the centuries-old town wall, explore churches galore, and delve into the town’s dungeons for a theatrical tour through Tallinn’s historical legends.  Outside, the skyline is dotted with church spires, towers and weathervanes, and townsfolk spill out of the Olde Hansa restaurant dressed in traditional medieval garb, enticing visitors to come in and try the typical Estonian fare of pork and beer. 



But don’t let that make you think it’s a town stuck in the past. Alongside the picturesque landscape lies a city very much in the future. As the birthplace of Skype, Estonia has a strong e-commerce industry and Tallinners are particularly proud to offer free wifi throughout the city.  The town is equally well geared up to receive visitors, with excellent tourist guides and free English walking tours available. Jump on an open top tour bus to explore its many museums and beautiful parks, or scale the 20 floors of the famous TV Tower for a high altitude glass of wine and a spectacular view of the whole city.

Having only exerted its independence in 1991, Tallinn has done well to brush off its Soviet past and build its own identity, but echoes of Russian dominance exist all over town, from the Russian built Nevsky Cathedral with its onion shaped domes, to the ubiquitous Russian tongue heard on the streets.

It’s an intriguing city with a thought-provoking history and much to explore. Or simply kick back and enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the old town’s chic cafés and watch the medieval world go by. 

With regular flights leaving from Aberdeen, visitors can be basking in the Tallinn sunshine and supping an Estonian beer before they know it!

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