Now that we’re in lock down, the North-east’s salons, clothing stores, jewellers and a host of businesses have been forced to close temporarily. 

We rounded up some tips for supporting your retailers during this difficult period.

Search for local shops that have online ordering and support them. It could make all the difference. Support them on social media. We all appreciate a compliment now and then, especially when it can lead to business growth. Online reviews are key to a successful business, and for those looking for a new places to shop, reading the online reviews on Google and Facebook will be the first thing they do. So, if you’ve had an excellent service not so long ago, or if you’ve been using a salon, bookshop, pet shop, boutique or restaurant for years and never posted a positive review online – do that now! This can make all the difference for when business picks back up.

If your hairdresser gave you an amazing colour job, or your manicurist created something special on your last visit, if a jewellery designer made you an amazing bespoke piece or a cake maker whipped up something delicious, upload a photo and the story to your social media accounts, showing them some love. Even photos of your own attempts to recreate their work at home can bring a smile. 

Make sure to continue to like, comment and share their social media posts. Social media engagements go a long way, especially in a time where a little extra support is needed. Or send a thank you note. 

Once lock down is over and everyone is well, treat yourself. There’s nothing like something new to make you feel good.  

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