Chris Roy has spent the last nine years training and competing as an elite multisport athlete in southern Spain. He returned to the North-east in late 2019 to establish Toro Blanco –  a private health and fitness studio.

His main focus is specialising in medical related health and fitness testing, working with people who have underlying health problems, including; type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome to use exercise as a way of improving their health and wellbeing.

Using the knowledge from his professional career, training alongside leading sports science, human performance, sports psychology and biomechanics professionals, Chris offers:

•  One-to-one consultation + 3 training sessions
•  Health testing & monitoring
•  Training packages
•  Covid-19 Antibody testing

Chris, who hails from a family of NHS doctors wants to tackle the health challenges driven from the UK’s growing obesity problem. 

‘My aim is to help people transform their lives, educating and training them so they can live fitter and healthier lives.’

Toro Blanco, 41 Queens Lane South, AB15 4BF

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