This is the best time of year for game, yet so many of us are nervous of cooking it.

Traditionally venison, pigeon and rabbit were popular in the North-east due to their affordability and abundance. These days, your butcher can supply many types of game and some supermarkets also offer game birds, such as grouse, partridge and quail, in season. Wild or farmed venison is a good option for the inexperienced game cook as you can treat prime cuts like a fillet of beef or slow cook cheaper cuts in a casserole.


Beboy – Fotalia/

Why not ask your butcher for a ready diced game pie mix? Just add some smoked paprika for a warming aroma, or a few dried juniper berries, then pair with Autumn roasted root vegetables, a flaky pastry  lid and a mound of buttery mash for a weekend treat.

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