A sparkling combination of craftsmanship and cutting edge technology

Leading jeweller Sandy Menzies is using the latest technology to take bespoke jewellery to a whole new level of craftsmanship…

Sandy’s been well-regarded for his combination of design skills and capabilities as an accomplished bespoke jewellery maker for several decades. Since 2018, he has been working with computer-aided design which allows a whole new level of precision and, quite simply, stretches the boundaries of what’s possible. ‘Using specialist jewellery CAD programmes means that the client now has an easier way of shaping the design. It really is the future of bespoke jewellery design,’ Sandy explained. ‘I now work almost entirely digitally, creating 3D images on screen and then rendering them to give my customers a ‘virtual photograph’ of their design.

‘As well as couples designing their own engagement rings, then getting an exact fit for a matching wedding band, CAD is perfect for any type and style of jewellery. The designs can easily be tweaked during the development process – say changing the flow of a curve, or adding textures or accent stones. Our 3D animated renderings are so lifelike you can almost touch the finished product.

‘CAD is particularly useful when a client has existing stones or wants to re-make a piece using heirloom pieces. With an irregular stone, or one with an unusual size or shape, creating a mount by hand could take a day or more, but it’s now much quicker and easier to provide an accurate costing.

‘Once given the go ahead by my customer to make the design, the CAD file is then sent to my caster to be 3D printed in wax resin which is then cast in their chosen metal, before being finished, polished and set.

‘It means the client can have the jewellery they’ve always wanted.’

Tel: 0788 9503337
Email: sandy@sandymenziesjewellery.co.uk

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