Brows have dominated and defined facial makeup over the last few years with thicker, more natural, but groomed brows being essential to looking younger. Luckily, there’s now a great selection of products and professional services to help you get brows that flatter and frame your face.

Start by having your brows shaped professionally. Threading is painless while waxing will remove even the tiniest stray hair. Even dark brows will benefit from the added definition offered by tinting. It only takes a few minutes, but can take a decade off your face. HD Brows give a very defined look which works well if you normally wear a dramatic look, or are appearing in Hollyoaks, but may overpower a make-up free face, making it look a little harsh.

Try Soap Brow, an amazing product which will not only fluff up your brows but also defines your face and makes your eyes stand out too. The gel texture makes it really easy to use and it comes in a cute little tin! Leading make-up artists such as James Molloy swear by it. (£12,

Brow Boost is a must have if you’re looking to grow out your brows. It is enriched with vitamins to help nurture and protect the hair by transforming thin eyebrows into fluffed up lion mane brows. Better yet, it’s 100% vegan, cruelty free and hand-made. (£29,

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade is great because there are eleven shades to choose from, so there’s almost bound to be one that matches your brows. It’s a little pot of cream-based pomade that’s really easy to apply to give a lightly groomed and natural look. You can also build it up to create a fuller, bolder brow.  (£19,

Of the major brands, Benefit have long been known for their brow products, even offering a great brow bar in Debenhams in the Trinity Centre. Try their Gimme Brow fibre gel. The tinted eyebrow gel is perfect for covering up sparse spots and will help you create a more defined brow without it looking too harsh. The tiny bristles on the stick are designed to pick out even the lightest and tiniest hairs on the skin providing fuller looking eye brows and holding them in place all day and night. (£21.50,

Now you just need to learn to raise an eyebrow in a quizzical manner and you’re all set.

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