Enjoy autumn for longer

Autumn is all about colour. Splashes of yellows, oranges and reds turn gardens into vibrant pictures that get immortalised by talented artists. But once the rich hues disappear, our interest in the garden often fades. The show is over. The scene is monochrome and we patiently wait for spring to inject even subtle tinges of colour here and there.

Most plants go dormant in winter. The leaves fall from trees and expose their trunks and branches, herbaceous foliage dies back baring the ground. Don’t you fall asleep too – look at refining that backbone structure. Consider where pops of colour would work best.

Just imagine the bark of a ‘snow-white’ birch next to the ‘fiery reds’ of willow shoots. Or the ‘golden’ needles of yews hovering over ‘beetroot-red’ elephant’s ears. Inhale the perfumed flowers as you walk past the leafless witch hazels and arrowwoods. Think berries! Those delicious jewels on rowans and firethorns enjoyed by your feathered singing friends. 

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